When did he get so big?!

A close friend of mine recently announced she is pregnant – hurrah, more babies!

But this got me thinking about how much Felix has changed over the last eight months.

I know, eight months already. How did that happen?!

Will I remember how small he was? When he learnt to do different things? The first laugh he gave or the time he ate chocolate at Christmas in a Halloween outfit?

This prompted me to start my very own YouTube channel for Mummy, Mrs and Me.

Of course it would be lovely to have lots of views and share my journey and experiences with you guys, but mostly I want somewhere I can visually document all the awesome things he’s done so far and is about to do.

So here it is, my first proper attempt at YouTubing – be nice, I’m a total newb to this!

If you’d like to view my channel and subscribe (don’t feel you have to!) CLICK HERE!


Q & A a day: January 2017

OK, so back in October I decided I was going to write up my ‘Q&A a day’ every single month as a blog post.

My good intentions lasted for precisely one month.


But we’re in a new year now and that means new starts, forgiveness and refreshed good intentions.

So, let’s start the year off as we mean to go on.

My Q&A a day for mom’s; January 2017…

January 1: What’s your resolution for your family? To enjoy and make the most of all the days we have together.

January 2: What’s your resolution for yourself? Stop sweating the small stuff! Enjoy life and stop thinking you’re going to miss out on things. You’re not. It’s gonna be OK.

January 3: I love seeing my child [blank]: Every day. Maternity leave ends today and it has broken my heart.

January 4: Who was the last family member to visit? My in-laws, Jackie and Keith, to deliver stair gates. Bring on the baby-proofing!

January 5: What’s something you’ve done for your child that you never imagined you’d do? Breastfeeding. It just wasn’t something I was passionate about but I did it for six months and now I miss it like mad.

January 6: How is your mum-esteem right now? Hmm. Well, I’ve just gone back to work after maternity leave so I feel a bit lost, confused and not sure where I fit in any more. So I guess not very high?

January 7: What’s a smell you associate with your child? I probably shouldn’t say ‘poop’, should I? He still has that magically wonderful baby smell. That mix of warmth, Johnson’s baby shampoo and slightly stale milk. Yummy!

January 8: What made your child laugh today? Daddy. It is always Daddy.

January 9: I was in awe when my child [blank]. Moved. Ahhh he’s so bloomin’ close to crawling!

Damn it, just crawl already!

January 10: What was the best hug you had last week? Getting back home from work and seeing a smiley Felix hold his arms up for a hug. It makes it all worthwhile.

January 11: When was the last time you were at the library? Oh Jeez! Is it bad that I don’t know where my local library is? Probably about eight years ago when I was at Uni…

January 12: I’ll be honest [blank] drives me crazy. When people deviate from a plan. Plans and schedules are made for a reason, people!

January 13: What interests your child lately? Every darn thing! Mostly things he shouldn’t have like phones, remote controls and cutlery. Things from inside drawers he shouldn’t be able to open but magically can. But also balls, bubbles, faces, puppets, books, TV, leaves, cats. I could go on. He’s at a very inquisitive stage!

January 14: If you could have a parenting do-over, what would it be? What’s a ‘do-over’? Like a makeover? I guess an emotional makeover to be more OK with my inner work/life balance.

January 15: My floor is covered with [blank]. Toys. Lots and lots of toys.

January 16: Write down one thing you want to remember today. Felix has learnt how to say ‘mama’ and now doesn’t stop. Ever. And I love it!

January 17: When was the last time you thought ‘I didn’t see that one coming’? When Felix slept through the night, every night, the week I returned to work. He hadn’t done it in so long! Don’t worry, it didn’t last long…

January 18: What’s your favourite quote about motherhood? Winging it.

January 19: My bed is a place where [blank]. I find wet towels (cheers, husband!), fight for space, used to sleep and occasionally find solace.

January 20: What’s a parenting trick you recently discovered? It’s not a trick as such but we seem to have mastered day time naps at long last!

January 21: Our family needs to save money for [blank]. We’re off on holiday in June so I guess we need some spending money for that. I’m always trying to save up for a deposit for a bigger house though (a girl’s gotta dream!).

January 22: What makes you feel put together? A straight fringe, fresh eyeliner and a pair of boots.

January 23: Tomorrow I will [blank] because I know it will make [blank] happy. Give my husband a back massage. I’ve been promising for long enough…

January 24: What’s the most recent thing you’ve handed down to another mom? Does advice on returning to work count?

January 25: Describe a face your child makes. He smiles the biggest smile from ear to ear. His whole face crinkles and lights up. It’s gorgeous!

January 26: What’s a recent ‘first’? He says ‘dada’ as well as ‘mama’ now and is so close to crawling (still!). He belly flops and commando crawls everywhere though.

January 27: People might guess I’m a mom because [blank]. I don’t shut up about it. So I’m proud, and what?!

January 28: What were you thinking about as you fell asleep last night? My husband and I were playing an alphabet game (I know, we’re cool like that) and I think I was stuck on animals beginning with ‘N’. Damn, I’ve just thought of one! Newt.

January 29: Do you have rules? What are they? Yes, many! Gosh, I sound dull… My new rule for myself is to let things go easier.

January 30: What’s one piece of parenting advice you absolutely do not believe in? For when he’s a bit older, but bot to set rules. Everyone needs boundaries, even if it’s just so they can learn to push them.

January 31: What are your three most recent kid-related purchases? A lightweight buggy, a pop-up dinosaur book and some new pyjamas.




Monthly highlights – September 2016

As September draws to a close, I’ve been looking back at all the photos I’ve taken this month – and believe me, there are a few…

I love the idea of putting a monthly highlight together, somewhere I can go back to quickly and reminisce on all the fun stuff we did together as a family each month as Felix grows up. So here’s my first attempt; the highlights of the Atkins clan for September 2016.

All the food…

Let’s start off by talking about food. I’ve eaten a lot of it and am definitely packing on the pounds. But oh my, was it worth it! From scrumptious platters on the end of Cleethorpes pier to coffee shop cake, fast food to sampling Lincoln’s latest restaurant Wildwood (super family friendly, if you’re interested!), I really have eaten it all and then some.

As of October 1, I am banning myself from junk food and pledging to walk more every day. Let’s see how that goes…

Arts and crafts for all the family…

I’ve mentioned it before, but we’re not a very talented family when it comes to crafting, though that certainly doesn’t stop us from giving it our all! In September I rediscovered a bit of ‘me time‘ by going to a pottery painting class with my sister, mum and mother-in-law.

Felix also took his first steps into the artistic world at playgroup where we did some nice, baby friendly painting.

Milestone marathon!

September saw Felix hit multiple milestones not only in age (woohoo, 12 weeks!) but also developmentally. He’s mastered rolling from front to back – when I say ‘mastered’, what I mean is that he did it a number of times over a two day period and is too lazy to do it again – he found his thumb to suck instead of his entire fist (though that is still his preference), and even cracked out his first proper booming baby giggle instead of his usual dirty little chortle. And, at long last, he’s mastered tummy time and there’s not stopping him! He does create a lovely little pool of drool under him, somewhat resembling a St Bernard, but he loves it nonetheless!

We FINALLY ditched the tub!

When we bought our house last year it came with a hot tub in the garden. At the time this seemed amazing and we used it at least a handful of times… You can see where this is going. They’re awesome, a showpiece, a talking point but also they are massive and quite expensive to run when you’re not actually using it! We kept saying that we’d get rid of it to open up our garden but just never got around to it (you know, what with having a baby at the start of the summer and everything) and, as such, despite the fact I’ve been on maternity leave all summer and we’ve had nice weather, I’ve avoided the garden completely. Until now.

Now the tub has gone – hurrah! So we went all out and bought a lovely rattan garden set and now I go out there with Felix all the time! Hooray for an Indian summer, I say!

Oh, and a Spanish Slug did try to invade our newly enlarged garden but we soon put a stop to that – it was huge!

Just keep swimming…

September also saw the start of Felix’s swimming lessons. Although I used to be quite a strong swimmer, I haven’t really been in years so it was important for me to get him into the pool as young as possible so he doesn’t end up like me. Term started at the beginning of September at a lovely private pool in someone’s house. The instructors are fabulous, the water is warm and the classes are small and super friendly. Both Darryl and I have taken Felix in now and we’ve both dunked him too! Best of all, Felix absolutely loves swimming and seems to have taken to it really well. And the fact that it’s made bath time even easier is just an added bonus!