Product Review: Baby Sebamed

To say that I was psyched when an email landed in my inbox asking me if I was interested in carrying out a product review would be an understatement.

Interested? Hell yes!

A lovely lady for the PR guys at Baby Sebamed asked if she could send me a bundle of goodies for Felix and I to test out, and naturally I jumped at the chance.


Baby Bubble Bath

At this stage, Felix had just turned one and we’d been comfortably flitting between Johnson’s Bedtime bath and Aldi’s own Mamia one – all depending on whether Boots had the former on offer or not!

I liked the smell of them both and the amount of bubbles they created. Of course bubble quantity was Felix’s main priority, so when the day came to try out the Baby Bubble Bath for the first time, I had my fingers and toes crossed for an equally frothy experience.

I wasn’t left disappointed.

Although I probably used a little more than was strictly necessary, I achieved a high level of bubbly fun and the smell was divine!

OK, so Johnson’s has a certain familiarity about the smell, but this was something so relaxing and soothing, so delicious. He smelt like a new, little baby again!

Then came on to the big test; is it really a no-tears formula?

Washing Felix’s hair in the bath has always been quite an easy process. We’ve taken him swimming from a very young age, so using the same techniques we’ve learnt there, it’s always been a breeze. But saying that, I HATE getting shampoo in my eyes even at 30 so a no-tears product is super important.

And thankfully this is – hurrah!

Hair wash and lots of splashing, but not a tear in sight.


PRODUCT: Baby Bubble Bath @ £4.89


Baby Cream – Extra Soft

Throughout the warmer weather, Felix’s skin has a tendency to get a bit dry, despite keeping him really hydrated. After each bath, it’s great to pop on some Baby Cream to keep him fresh and his skin super soft like a, well, you know, baby’s bum?!

I’ve used a fair few different baby lotions and potions over the last year, but this one has the same scrumptious smell as the bubble bath, so what’s not to love?!

You don’t need to use excessive amounts for good coverage and the effects are long-lasting – perfect for a baby (or should I be calling him a toddler now?!) who is on the go CONSTANTLY and doesn’t like to be pinned down!

PRODUCT: Baby Cream Extra Soft @ £3.19

Lip Defense Balm

Sending products for Felix was lovely, but when the ladies at Sebamed said they’d send me a little something too, well that was just a bonus! And it was as if they knew me already.

For as long as I can remember, I have suffered with chapped lips. It’s not just a winter thing, it’s all year round. And it’s crappy, frankly.

I have tried numerous balms over the years in the hope that I might stumble across something that would make my pout less flaky and although I am a fan of the Body Shop ones, I was up for giving this a shot.

In terms of flavour, I am used to punchy, fruity ones, so this was like a blast from the past, with its traditional flavour and appearance. Kind of like something I would have stolen from my mum’s collection when I was a kid, thinking it was lipstick and that I was a grown-up.

I sort of liked that flashback!

But does it work?

I don’t have a Kardashian smile yet, but a couple of applications a day, and we seem to be getting somewhere. Time will tell going into the Autumn and Winter when the weather turns and my face really turns against me – I will keep you updated on that one!

PRODUCT: Lip Defense Balm @ £2.99

So in conclusion…

I like the products! They smell good and, more importantly, are really kind to Felix’s delicate skin.

I would definitely recommend them to new mum’s looking for something other than the mainstream products, and there is a really good range of goodies out there – some for the man in your life, too!

I’ve spotted they also do an Anti Stretch Mark Cream which I will be buying and giving to a friend of mine and a Diaper Rash Cream which sounds perfect right now given that Felix is teething with four molars about to pop through… Give. Me. Strength! And coffee.

The only downside I would say is that since I’ve been using these products, I perused the shelves of my local supermarkets and Boots stores and I can’t find them, so they’re hard to stumble upon, but go check ’em out and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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