A new direction for my 30s

Let’s first address the elephant in the room.

I am now 30. 

Yep, the big Three Zero. I made it! Hurrah and whatnot…

OK, now that that’s been dealt with, let’s move on.

I started this blog in Autumn of last year when fighting an inner battle on maternity leave.

I loved spending time at home with my tiny man but I struggled not using my creative side whilst being off of work.

Writing for me, about things I want to write about, in my own words and style was perfect. And it still is perfect, don’t get me wrong.

But the last few months I have been ridiculously slack with my blog.

In fact, I have been slack with a lot of things.

Maybe I was struggling with turning thirty, people suggested. Quite the opposite; I am proud of what I achieved in my 20s and looking forward to a new decade of achievements ahead of me.

Maybe that was the problem?

I am an ambitious individual. I always have been. I am also stubborn and, at times, impatient. I decide I want something and I want it there and then.

Unfortunately that doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with my goal-setting ways.

But here and now I pledge to change my ways. I will blog more, tweet more, and share more photos and videos on Instagram and YouTube.

I want to document my life, not because I want thousands of people to read my words or catch of glimpse of my not-so-exciting life, but because if the last ten years are anything to go by, then my thirties are going to fly by and I want something to look back on.

I pledge to write more, to speak out more and to share my thoughts more. I pledge to be more honest and less self-critical.

So, going into this new era of my life, I am manoeuvring my blog in a new direction. My aim – and please do hold me to it! – is to blog weekly on just what we’ve been up to, how I am feeling, where our lives are at, as well as to document the milestones in all our lives.

When I look back at this post in ten year’s time, here are ten goals I hope to have achieved:

  1. Regular blogs and vlogs detailing our ever-changing family and world
  2. Contentment with my work/life balance
  3. Mastered the art of creating perfect cake frosting
  4. Settled on a hair colour I am happy with
  5. Bought our ‘forever home’ – cheers Phil & Kirsty and Rightmove for this one…
  6. Having read every book on my bookshelf at least once
  7. No more self body shaming
  8. A brother or sister for Felix
  9. The ability to keep on top of my washing
  10. No meltdown at turning 40



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