What is ‘success’, anyway?

Last week I watched a video by the lovely Louise Pentland where she apologised for how much she apologised. How she was sorry and almost ashamed of admitting the fantastic achievements she’s had in her personal and professional life so far.

Today, I was on a business trip in London with my boss, sipping coffee and flicking casually through The Metro like all the other commuters. The two hour train journey home got us talking about how we envy the City folk, the hustle and bustle of daily life, as we meandered through the countryside back to deepest, darkest Lincolnshire. Conversation then turned into what we deem as being successful.

Are we any less successful or worthy than our London-counterparts?

This got me thinking…

Society has created an image in our heads of what ‘success’ is. Fancy cars, designer clothes, big houses in the right postcode and the right city, flashy beach holidays, enormous salaries, the perfect life portrayed across social media for the world to see…

I don’t think so.

People measure success differently, but surely it’s not OK that society has created this awkward set of what is, for most, almost unachievable goals? A list that means we always doubt ourselves and forget, at times, to be grateful for what we have?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have goals, to strive for more. Hell, I am a nightmare for it, constantly pushing for the next ‘thing’ in my life.

But every now and again, it’s important to stop, step back and take stock of where you are.

And don’t be afraid or ashamed or embarrassed to shout about your achievements and successes. However big or small they may seem to someone else, they’re what make you who you are.

And you’re pretty bloody great.

So, in my effort to spread a little happiness, positivity and pride, and following on from the inspiring list Louise spoke about in her video, here are the blow-your-own-trumpet reasons why I believe I am a success:

I am a mother and a wife. I am a home-owner and dream-car-driver. I am a graduate in Law and Accounting, and a self-made, CIM qualified marketer. I am a lover of cats and a mummy to two fluff-balls. I am an ace mac ‘n’ cheese maker and experienced pancake eater. I am a full time working mum. I am a loyal friend, a master of diplomacy and have the patience of a saint (most of the time…). I am a happy child from a broken home. I am an above-average cookie baker, a go-getter and an oragnisational Goddess.

I am Me and in my eyes, I am a success.

Will this post stop me from craving that next big achievement? No, probably not. I can’t help that hard-wiring in my head that pushes me to want more. But will it make me slow down and appreciate what I’ve got? I think so. I hope so.

I’d love to know how other people view their successes and how they measure it! Please tweet me @MummyMrsAndMe or comment below.


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