So it turns out I am normal. What gives?

I am a terrible blogger. There, I said it.

I started this blog a few months ago as a sort of therapy, really. A way to be creative, to use my head, to communicate with other parents out there whilst on maternity leave. Somewhere to write down memories and moments that I want to look back on but that would inevitably fade through the passing of time.


This guy, though…

But I failed.

The reason I failed is because despite always thinking I was an excellent time-manager, ball-juggler and all round superwoman, it turns out that I actually am not a super-human life form. I am in fact rather normal. What’s that all about?

Instead of allowing myself ample time to sit down with coffee and cake in the evenings, I chose to catch up on sleep. Instead of writing whilst Felix chose to nap, I opted for doing the laundry. Instead of taking up the many offers from family to give myself some ‘me time’ and let them look after himΒ for a few hours, I decided to have more snuggles and playtime with him myself.

But now the wonderful, short-lived, happy little bubble that is maternity leave has now ended and I am back at work, I am determined to start writing some of the many blogs that come to me when I am doing the night feed, washing my hair, peeling potatoes or fuelling up the car.

Blogging is what lunch breaks are for, surely?

So if you happen to see me browsing Instagram at lunch, reading a book, having a gossip or biting my nails, please feel free to have a quiet word and tell me to put finger to keyboard and start writing!

Here’s to a blog-filled 2017.



One thought on “So it turns out I am normal. What gives?

  1. shaunkellett says:

    I think work is an excellent motivator to blog. When I’m at home, have my family and friends, I find that the hardest time. When I’m at work, however, and I’m aware I don’t want to be here, that’s when my creativity seems to flow the most. Definitely utilise that lunchbreak! Good luck! πŸ™‚


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