Q&A a day – October 2016

At the end of September, a lovely vlogger called Carrie shared a video of her completing a Q&A a day. Now, she is a well-known individual with a massive following and I am far from that, but it got me thinking about the concept.

The idea is, that you can buy a five year diary and complete the answers every day over the period to look back at how things have changed. I decided I’d jump right on this in the hope that maybe, just maybe, for once I would stick at keeping a diary and, so far, I’ve nailed it!

As a new mum, obviously, I opted for the ‘Q&A a day for Moms‘ book, but there are lots of varieties available.

So, without further ado, here is October 2016…


October 1

Everybody poops. Say something about poop these days. Today Felix pooped four times and needed three outfit changes. All within four hours. Gross.

October 2

Has your child done something naughty recently? He’s almost four months old, so although not naughty, he is in mid-sleep regression stage. Fun.

October 3

As a mum, what’s something you have strong feelings or opinions about? Let everyone parent how they want to parent. Breast v. bottle. Work v. stay at home mum. Do what is right for your family, not someone else’s.

October 4

What’s your child’s favourite thing to play with? It has to be his Lamaze Pirate Pete and Rusty Robot, and the latest addition, Sophie La Girafe!


October 5

Do you need to vent? Do it here. I am seriously stressing about going back to work as I am starting my KIT days this month. I am very driven and want a career, that’s my choice, but I am afraid of missing out on Felix’s development.

October 6

What about your nightly routine do you like? What do you wish you could change? I love that Felix falls asleep on my every night and cuddles into me. I would never change that.

October 7

What tires your child out more than anything else? Fresh air and lots of company. He’s very sociable and loves new faces, new surroundings and, in particular, trees!

October 8

How was your family changed this year? FELIX!

October 9

What was your last cultural activity? I’ve started buying costumes for Halloween, does that count as culture?!

October 10

How do you respond when your child is out of control? It doesn’t happen often (I’m very lucky!) but I like to sing to him. Anything from nursery rhymes and Adele, through to Andrea Bocelli. He is rather fond of Adelweiss and Incy Wincy Spider at the moment!

October 11

What’s the last movie you saw that wasn’t a kid’s film? Good question! Maybe Now You See Me 2 or Captain America Civil War.

October 12

When was the last time you danced? I dance most days as a way to relax Felix in the evening before bed.

October 13

Describe the dinnertime scene at your house. We’ve literally just started weaning, so messy! Tonight was cauliflower – it was a hit!

October 14

What’s the last thing you read about motherhood that spoke to you? Twitter fills me with daily hope, positivity and inspiration. Keep going, smile, drink coffee and eat chocolate!

October 15

Are you feeling healthy? I think so! Other than post-natal hair loss which sucks…

October 16

What frustrates your child? Not being able to reach things and not being able to poop!

October 17

If you were to describe mum-life to a non-mum, what would you say? Hard work. Exciting. Rewarding. He surprises me every single day. He brings joy to my life and is my purpose and my inspiration for everything I do.

October 18

What do you miss? Sometimes I miss alone time, when I could just pick up a book, make a cake or nip to the shops quickly. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

October 19

Name a quirk about your kid? His sad, pouty little face which is promptly followed by an icy stare, followed by a full on, cheeky, face-filling smile. He’s a hustler.

October 20

What’s a place (outside of home) that reminds you of your child? Whisby Nature Reserve. Darryl and I had a lovely walk here when I was heavily pregnant and I have returned with the NCT mummies and babies so many times since. It’s full of memories for me now,

October 21

Who was the last person to encourage or compliment you? About what? Darryl said how proud he was of me for persevering with breastfeeding considering my pre-natal concerns.

October 22

My child was acting like a [blank] today. Giggle monkey! He was in hysterics laughing at Daddy just for making huffing noises! Go figure?!


October 23

Is there someone in your life who just doesn’t get motherhood? Thankfully not. Everyone is very understanding, patient and supportive, though some are perhaps a little over-enthusiastic with advice-giving at times…

October 24

I feel confident in my ability to [blank]. Breastfeed, which is something that I never thought I either could, or would, do, let alone be confident about!

October 25

How does your child interact with other babies? Lots of staring and holding hands, but not at the same time. He’s particularly obsessed with girls.

October 26

Who or what helps ease your mind? Talking to the other mums. Dreaming about our future as a family together. Sitting and staring at Felix just being himself, growing and developing before my eyes. And my husband making me laugh every day with his awful Dad Jokes.

October 27

I wish I could give my child [blank]. The ability to crawl. He so desperately wants to, but just isn’t there yet.

October 28

What’s the nastiest thing you’ve cleaned up recently? Poop that was about a centimetre thick and covered around 80% of his body. That was not fun.

October 29

How would your mum describe you as a mum. She’s told me that we are naturals and are very relaxed with Felix, which has been lovely to hear, especially on days when you don’t feel it, which is pretty often!

October 30

Where’s the last place you went with your child? We went for a Halloween party with the NCT group to the Collection cafe and had brunch today. It was incredible! Daddy gave Felix a tiny bit of pancake and strawberry; Mummy was not impressed, but he seemed to like it!

October 31

Does your child have a Halloween costume? What is it? Two, actually! One was a skeleton which he wore to the party yesterday, and one is Frankenstein’s monster which he’s worn today.


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