What a difference a year makes

525,600 minutes. According the the musical Rent (amazing, by the way) that’s how you measure a year, and what an incredible year it has been!

pregnancy-testPrecisely one year ago today my husband and I found out we were pregnant. What a day that was! We had been trying to get pregnant for several months with no luck, but a few people had started to make comments about the way I looked, had I done something differently to my hair perhaps, was I wearing new make-up or clothes? And then came the tuna. Anyone who knows me understands how much I dislike the stuff. But one day, my colleague sat next to me at lunch eating a tuna sandwich and I wanted to take it off her and devour it. This got me thinking… So, a trip to the chemist and three pregnancy tests later, but it was a big fat no. Not pregnant. Not even a little bit.

At this point, the worrier in me started to take over so I booked a trip to the doctors. After her reassuring me that it is super rare for three pregnancy tests all to be wrong and it must be something else, she took some bloods and said she’d get back to me the following week.

That all happened on the Friday. Now as well as being a worrier, I am also incredibly inpatient. I know my mind and I’ve discovered over the last year or so that I really know my body, too. People say you know when you’re pregnant and I was convinced.

So I woke up early on the Sunday morning, snuck downstairs to get a plastic cup (something to pee into, basically) and took my one remaining test. This time, instead of hoping my aim was good enough, I decided to pee into the cup and dunk the stick – this makes so much more sense, I don’t know why this isn’t the norm!

Within seconds, that wonderful, life-altering bar had changed colour, but I refused to believe it. I set the timer on my phone and walked away for the required longest two minutes of my life.

There are no words that can describe the emotion I felt when I walked back into the bathroom and read the test as positive. Overjoyed. Shocked. Ecstatic. Petrified. Elated. I shouted for my husband and the two of us just sat on the bathroom floor hugging and crying looking at the little pee covered stick in front of us.

When the doctor phoned on the Monday morning to confirm that the blood test had come back positive, everything in my life just fell into place.

From then on, I can honestly say that it was the longest eight months of my life waiting for Felix to arrive – I’m in the process of writing my pregnancy story and birth story so I won’t ruin the surprise for you now! – But the last almost four months has simply flown by!

I am so proud of my wonderful husband and I for the parents we’re becoming. We have and we will make mistakes. We are far from perfect, but we have an incredible, happy and loving little boy who is our whole world, who we love dearly and who we cannot wait to watch grow up.

I wonder what the next twelve months will bring?



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