Why did I buy that? – Months 1 to 3

We were pretty savvy when it came to making purchases for our new arrival and we made some wise decisions along the way as I’ve mentioned before, borrowing where we could and browsing nearly new sales left, right and centre. Having said that, we also made some errors and spent money on some things that I can now say were perhaps less of a good investment…

A nappy disposal system… In theory, a bloomin’ fantastic idea! You mean I can throw all the poopy nappies away without the smell leaking into the house? Perfecto! So this is what we did for the first week or so, until the first cassette ran out. And it was great, no poop smells whatsoever. But the thing is, these refills to keep the bin going don’t come super cheap (around £10 for three packs) and we all know how expensive babies are AND how much they like to poop…! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good product, but when you can pick up 300 nappy sacks from Tesco for 35p and maternity pay is dwindling, then it’s a no-brainer.

A baby bath… Just use the sink / washing up bowl / big path / shower etc. – the list of alternatives we were given here was pretty long, but we were adamant that we wanted him to have his very own little bath. It has been used… twice… in almost fifteen weeks. It’s just a bit clumpy and awkward. Where do you even use it? In his room? No chance, you’d drip water through the house getting it there. In the bathroom? No chance when you live in a new build like me and there’s barely room to swing a cat. Turns out, bathing a baby in the big bath with you is actually pretty stress-free and kinda fun!


Nursing tops… Once I’d decided that I was in fact going to stick with breastfeeding, I started shopping for all the accessories. A breast pump, decent bras, nipple cream and shields and, of course, tops to make it easier and more discreet in public. I’ve mentioned before about the little gem of a breast vest, but the thing I most regret buying was nursing tops. For one, they’re still in the maternity section so once you lose some of that weight they don’t really fit any more. Secondly, they are kinda ugly in design. I understand that practicality takes over fashion, or that if I wanted to spend a lot I could find some prettier ones, but the bottom line is that I am no longer pregnant and I want to enjoy normal clothes again and resent spending more money on maternity outfits, OK?!


I believe this is the ‘Intergalactic’ bath bomb from Lush.

Fabulously fragrant bath bombs… I’ve never been much of a bath fan – why would I opt to sit stewing in water for an hour and what do you do anyway?! – until, that is, I became pregnant. Suffering from back pain and Braxton Hicks contractions for the last ten weeks or so meant that having a bath suddenly had purpose. OK so I got stuck in there from time to time and had to be lifted out like a beached whale, but the bath itself was nice. So I figured, hey that’ll be a nice way to relax post-baby, so off I trotted to Lush to stock up on yummy flavoured bath bombs. I haven’t used any. I haven’t even had a bath (don’t worry, I have showered). But on the plus side, my bathroom cabinet both looks and smells pretty.

A cat net… Your cat will smother / scratch / basically hurt your child in any way possible. This is what people like to tell you when you’re pregnant. It’s really helpful, isn’t it? We were even asked “oh, so when are you getting rid of the cats then?”. Never, was the answer. People like to be dramatic, they like to put the fear of God into you, but you know what, people have brought children up successfully in homes with cats and dogs for years. Anyway, before I go off on one… We were worried about the cats, despite the fact they are the most placid things ever, so we invested in a cat net to put over the cot. It didn’t work. It didn’t really even fit! But you know what, we’re over three months in, the cats don’t go in his crib and actually hardly go near him at all. STOP SCAREMONGERING – CATS WON’T HURT YOUR BABY*.

*Unless you’re really unlucky. Still be careful, I just wouldn’t waste your money on a cat net. Buy them some Dreamies and treat them instead!


Our little fluffballs, Sherlock and Watson.


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