My Top 5 Buys – Months 1 to 3

Hurrah, woohoo we’ve made it through the first three months of parenthood and what a whirlwind it has been. Jam-packed with tears, tantrums and lots of belly laughter, and that’s just from me!


Woohoo, he’s three months old!

Before becoming parents, my husband and I read more articles, blogs and guides than you can shake a dummy at, that offered advice on the must-haves for those all important first few months as a parent (the Mothercare one was quite good, actually!). And most of them were right. We’d have been lost if we hadn’t had invested in a small mountain of muslins, the world’s biggest pot of nappy rash cream and plenty of coffee for the cupboard.

But there are some things that these lists don’t include. Some things that you just kind of stumble upon along the way. Things that I fully admit I scoffed at before he came along thinking that I wouldn’t need. All things that I can safely say have saved my arse these last thirteen weeks.

So here they are, my top five buys for months one to three…

1.The breast vest!

I’d decided to give breastfeeding a try but I was so nervous about having to feed in public. I know that’s ridiculous, if Felix needed feeding then that was what I had to do, but for some reason I was embarrassed about whipping myself out in a coffee shop, wrongly thinking that everyone would be gawping at my boobs. The breast vest was a little miracle hidden on Amazon. Basically, it’s a vest top that only comes up as far as the bottom of your bra. It means that when you’re lifting your top to tuck baby under and get them feeding, you don’t have your tummy on show. Personally, this just gave me oodles of confidence with public feeding and changed my whole attitude towards it. They’re available in black or white from Amazon and, I can honestly say, this was one of the best things I have bought.

2. A feeding pillow.

I fully admit that I wasn’t confident feeding when I brought Felix home either. Luckily my husband had been paying attention in NCT class and was so supportive, helping me try different positions and work out how to juggle holding him. I decided that what I needed was a feeding pillow, something to help me keep Felix in position without giving me a dead arm after five minutes. As soon as  I Googled it, I was mind-blown by the variety that are out there, and the varying price range too! In the end, I opted for the cheapest one I could find – less than a tenner from Argos – as I was convinced that I would give up breastfeeding quickly because of the exhaustion! As it happens, three months in and I am still going strong, and I love my pillow! It’s super soft and comfy, makes it easier to hold him and more comfortable for him, too.


Ahhh, I miss those little frog legs!

3. Teeny, tiny clothes.

My husband is over six foot and he was, as he likes to tell anyone who will listen, the longest baby in the hospital when he was born (23 inches, if you’re interested). That fact, combined with the size of my bump, meant that we were expecting a big baby so we didn’t really bother with newborn sized clothes and instead opted for lots of very cute 0-3 month outfits. Big mistake. Felix came out at a healthy 7lb 8.5oz and he was pretty gangly too. So there we were, excited to get him dressed for the first time, only to discover that nothing actually fitted! Turns out, most 0-3 month stuff seems to cater for the latter end of the spectrum. Doh! Luckily, my Mum was on hand to nip to the local supermarket and buy some smaller clothes for him so we could bring him home in something that fitted. OK so those ‘up to one month’ clothes only fitted for a few weeks but, if you’re like me, and want your little one to be wearing nicely fitting clothes for when the family descends on you, then get yourself down to Primark and invest £7 in a pack of smaller sleepsuits!

4. A night light.

This was given to us by my husband’s best friend and it was one of the best gifts we received. We’d seesawed with whether to get a projector or not, and what type to go for; something that projects images or just lights, something with music as well, maybe? We received this nightlight when Felix was around three weeks old and it changed bedtime for all of us. It’s almost Northern Lights style in the patterns in creates, but with a variety of different colour combinations. Not only did it help get Felix to sleep on those tricky nights, but it had us out cold as well. I know most people go for a traditional baby one, but this is, IMO, the hidden gem in the nightlight projector world…

5. A car mirror.

I first took Felix out for a solo road trip when he was about two weeks old. It was a nice little venture to show him off to my colleagues. A journey I had done countless times over the last four years, only now I had a mini human on board and suddenly the roads and the car were so very different and, somehow, a million times more scary! The first hiccup was when I realised I had no idea of how to buckle up the car seat. Turns out, it’s pretty logical actually and there was no need to panic. But the biggest thing of all was wanting to check approximately every fifteen seconds that he was in fact still alive. Pretty hard when you’re in the front and they’re in the back facing the opposite direction. So thank goodness for the mirror. It’s a lifeline, honestly. Being able to check at a glance that your baby is a) still alive and b) still in the car and hasn’t somehow learnt, at two weeks old, how to unbuckle their belt, open the car door and disappear, is very reassuring. Which reminds me, maybe I should turn on the child locks…


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