Mummy, Mrs and Me

I’ve been thinking of blogging for a while now. Occasionally I start one, realise it’s rubbish and that if I don’t want to read it, why on earth would anyone else? But over the last year or so, my purpose has changed and I want to share my journey (oh that old cliché!) with other people and my future self.

‘MummyMrsAndMe’ is what I’ve called this, and that’s just who I am now; a mummy, a wife and, when I get chance, little old me.


Three years ago, my then boyfriend of around five years proposed to me at the top of the Empire State Building (yes, I actually got my Disney moment!) and almost two years ago, I became ‘Mrs’.

Eleven months ago, my husband and I found out that our little duo was about to grow and twelve weeks ago I became ‘Mummy’.

29 years ago I became me, but as the Mrs and Mummy parts of me develop, so does the ‘Me’ and that’s what I’d like to talk about. Hopefully you’ll find my tales funny and interesting, maybe even helpful at times. No doubt I’ll laugh and cry my way through this adventure, so thank you for joining me on this ride.

For now though, I must dash. My son is looking at me with his puppy-dog eyes and pouting lips, as though I’ve never fed him before – in fact it’s been about 47 minutes, but who’s counting, eh?!


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